Attack on Titan, Volume 12

Attack on Titan, Volume 12



Erwin and the Survey Corps desperately mount a rescue operation to take Eren back from the Colossus Titan and Armored Titan. But without the numbers to form up properly outside the walls, how can the humans catch up before they're all slaughtered? Just whose side is Ymir on? And will Eren ever see his friends again? PRAISE FOR THE HIT ANIME "A visceral and fantastically intense action/horror story." - Anime News Network "Japan's equivalent of The Walking Dead." - io9

Chapter List:

47. Children
48. Someone
49. Charge
50. Scream

Title:Attack on Titan, Volume 12
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:192 pages

    Attack on Titan, Volume 12 Reviews

  • Mario

    I swear, this series is going to give me a heart attack.Amazing, action-packed volume, and also really emotional. I loved the scene between Mikasa and Eren at the end (even though I still think that E...

  • Brad

    Definitely some crazy shit going on here, and oh, The Pathos!Seriously, people, there's some really awesome grief and guilt going on here. I'm almost ready to throw in the towel and root for all my en...

  • Connie

    THIS WAS SO INTENSE. Yet again, different relationships were developed. Ymir and Christa, and how they fight for eachother, rather for themselves. Bert and Reiner, and how they'd die trying to protect...

  • Aurora

    Funny story. I was reading this today at dinner and kept commenting on the manga to my sister. Mostly I was saying how Eren needs to CALM THE HECK DOWN and think before he just charges into everything...

  • Veronica Morfi


  • Arnis


  • N?rmin

    Such an intense volume! Emotional drama and fights were incredible!Eren is such a piece of wood when it comes to feelings. Mikasa just told him her feelings but he just showed his anger to the titans....

  • Aida jf

    I'm too emotional to write anything right now...

  • Saania Zee Jamal ?

    Yep.I caved.After last week's anime episode, how I could I not?AND I HAVE NO REGRETS.My face throughout every batshit crazy scene that went down here (aka ALL THE SCENES THAT WENT DOWN HERE):Also, thi...

  • Anna

    Once again, I'm too tired to write a full review, so here are my thoughts (jumbled style) This review is officially titled jumbled thoughts in the middle of the night. Ymir. Now that is how you write ...