A Question of Inheritance

A Question of Inheritance


December 1953

Hugo Hawksworth is on the tail of rogue Cold War agents at a top-secret government facility, while back home at Selchester Castle they’re awaiting the arrival of the new Earl—an American, the long-lost son of the murdered Lord Selchester.

The town of Selchester, rich in scandal and gossip, is unsure what to make of the Earl or his teenage daughters, but they know that his sharp-tongued half-sister, Lady Sonia, furious at being deprived of her inheritance, won’t be a merry guest over Christmas.

The new Lord Selchester can cope with the strangeness of English country life, but he hadn’t expected stolen paintings—or a body in the hothouse.

What’s the link between Hugo’s investigations and the suspicious goings-on in the town and at the Castle? And will he and his allies get to the heart of the mystery before the murderer gets to them?

Revised edition: This edition of A Question of Inheritance includes editorial revisions.

Title:A Question of Inheritance
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:288 pages

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  • Ingela

    Review written January 19, 20163 1/2 Stars - Perfect audiobook for a girl with the flu. Another lighthearted cozy mystery set in the 50:sBook #2A Question of Inheritance is the second part in an moder...

  • Leslie

    This is the second book in the A Very English Mystery series. You could probably read it as a stand alone but why would you. Again set in Selchester Castle and its environs Hugo Hawksworth returns but...

  • Ivonne Rovira

    Elizabeth Edmondson proves that her excellent debut novel, A Man of Some Repute, was no fluke with the sequel, A Question of Inheritance.Set a few months later than A Man of Some Repute, it’s now De...

  • Tempo de Ler

    Com uma contextualização histórica muito interessante, Elizabeth Edmonson cria em A Intriga e a Herança um mistério bastante intrigante.Gus, simples cidadão americano, nunca sonhou acabar com pa...

  • Debbie

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I was so excited to be able to read and review this book before it comes out next month! I absolutely loved the first one, (A Man of Some Repute),...

  • Maria Alice

    Gostei há semelhança de todos os livros desta autora, e posso dizer que já li todos, no entanto no final fiquei com a sensação que ainda poderia haver um outro livro para continuar a colecção s...

  • Christy

    A Question of Inheritance follows fairly closely on from A Man of Some Repute, with the empty space between the books revealing the shocking news that Lord Selchester had an heir in America. Strange t...

  • Corgi Folk

    I found the prose less engaging than Edmonson's first novel in this series and even reread a significant portion of the novel due to fear I had missed pages (read on my Kindle), which I had not. The w...

  • Beachreader

    This is the second book in the series. The first was quite good, but this one had too many characters and a storyline that was difficult to follow. So much of the book was slow and boring. While the r...

  • Damaskcat

    The new Earl of Selchester is due to arrive at the castle in time for Christmas. He is an American and never expected to inherit the title and everything that goes with it. Hugo Hawksworth and his sis...