The Gallery of Unfinished Girls

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls


Mercedes Moreno is an artist. At least, she thinks she could be, even though she hasn't been able to paint anything worthwhile since her award-winning piece Food Poisoning #1 last year.

Her lack of inspiration might be because her abuela is lying comatose in faraway Puerto Rico after suffering a stroke. Or the fact that Mercedes is in love with her best friend, Victoria, but is too afraid to admit her true feelings.

Despite Mercedes’s creative block, art starts to show up in unexpected ways. A piano appears on her front lawn one morning, and a mysterious new neighbor invites Mercedes to paint with her at the Red Mangrove Estate.

At the Estate, Mercedes can create in ways she never has before. She can share her deepest secrets and feel safe. But Mercedes can't take anything out of the Estate, including her new-found clarity. As her life continues to crumble around her, the Estate offers more solace than she could hope for. But Mercedes can’t live both lives forever, and ultimately she must choose between this perfect world of art and truth and a much messier reality.

Title:The Gallery of Unfinished Girls
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:352 pages

    The Gallery of Unfinished Girls Reviews

  • Lauren

    Do I get to mark my own book as "read" now? I've been reading it on and off since 2013. I think it's done. I think it's yours now, world. ...

  • Elise (thebookishactress on wordpress)

    I'm going to be honest and say I picked this up almost exclusively because of the bi main character. And I am so, so glad I did. This book is freaking amazing and REALLY underrated. Gallery of Unfinis...

  • Sarah

    (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.) “The estate guides us to fulfil its needs,” Lilia says, “with art and music, structure and form, color...

  • ?    jamieson   ?

    me, realising this is a cute book about a artist girl possibly getting herself a cute gfim in for my wlw girls...

  • Cait ? A Page with a View

    3.5 stars. I really wasn't expecting the magical realism in this, so that was a fun surprise! And the stuff with the Estate was rather odd at first, but totally worked in the end. Mercedes is a bisexu...

  • Anna Priemaza

    I didn't mean to read this book. At least, not yet. But it sucked me in and refused to let go.When Lauren sent it to me, it was just for the purpose of glancing through it to suggest a new title. I de...

  • Kristine

    What a beautiful book.Mercedes Moreno is having a tough time. Her abuela is in the hospital, she can’t figure out what to paint for the county show, and there’s a piano in her yard. Pile on top of...

  • Allison

    4.5 stars! *-*Longer RTC after business trip....

  • Dahlia

    This book was so freaking beautiful, I found myself anxiously awaiting what deceptively simple but impactful phrasing would be used next. I loved its meditations on creativity and the ways it can both...

  • La La

    Another story that uses Magical Realism as an excuse for a series of coincedences and strange disconnected events that are just bad writing cover ups. The climax to this book was absurd. Even Magical ...