The Savage Dawn

The Savage Dawn


The war between light and dark has begun. The sides have been chosen and the battle lines drawn.

After awakening the firebird, Echo is now the only one with the power to face the darkness she unwittingly unleashed upon the world…right into the waiting hands of Tanith, the new Dragon Prince. Tanith has one goal in mind: destroy her enemies, raze their lands, and reign supreme in a new era where the Drakharin are almighty and the Avicen are nothing but a memory.

The war that has been brewing for centuries is finally imminent. But the scales are tipped. Echo might hold the power to face the darkness within the Dragon Prince, but she has far to go to master it. And now she’s plagued by uncertainty. Is she strong enough to stare into the face of evil and not lose herself in its depths?

The war has begun, and there is no looking back. There are only two outcomes possible: triumph or death.

Title:The Savage Dawn
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:496 pages

    The Savage Dawn Reviews

  • Jaime Arkin

    This was an amazing end to an incredible series that I can't help but want more of!! Thank you for sharing these characters and this story with us!! Full review to come soon...

  • Cookie

    since WHEN HAS THERE BEEN A COVER---Looooove the title!...

  • Yissel

    The best book in the series. I'm sad the journey's over, and I'll miss these characters deeply, but my god what an amazing, beautifully written, fun and emotional journey it was. From here on out, eve...

  • Jessi (Novel Heartbeat)

    LKAJDFH;GKAJDF;ASKDF LOOK. LOOK AT THAT COVER. It's so stunning an dark and I NEEEEED THIS BOOK ASAP. *grabby hands*...

  • Rachel Strolle

    OH MY HEART...

  • Shelley

    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*The Savage Dawn, by author Melissa Grey, is the third and final installment in the author's The Girl at Midnight trilogy. As the st...

  • Sophie

    That cover is gorgeous!...

  • Sara (A Gingerly Review)

    Be prepared for me to be the black sheep with this one. WHY? It went on for too bloody long. It felt like this story was one giant simile. I bet if you took them all out, as most of them were complete...

  • Pam (YA Escape)

    Would have been 4 stars except for the ending and a few other issues. And it's not about Caius dying, actually, because at least his sacrifice made sense, but about the stupid hope that Echo had, abou...

  • Cassie-la

    ORIGINALLY POSTED: https://bibliomantics.com/2017/08/05/...The conclusion to Melissa Grey's The Girl at Midnight series has arrived, and I promise you, you are not emotionally ready. From the witty di...