Hello Goodbye Dog

Hello Goodbye Dog


For Zara s dog, Moose, nothing is more important than being with her favorite girl. So when Zara has to go to school, WHOOSH, Moose escapes and rushes to her side.

Hello, Moose!

Unfortunately, dogs aren t allowed at school and Moose has to go back home.

Goodbye, Moose.

But Moose can t be held back for long. Through a series of escalating escapes, this loyal dog always finds her way back to Zara, and with a little bit of training and one great idea, the two friends find a way to be together all day long.


Title:Hello Goodbye Dog
Format Type:
Number of Pages:40 pages

    Hello Goodbye Dog Reviews

  • Kate Olson

    Thanks to the author for providing me with a galley of this book for review - all opinions are my own. HELLO GOODBYE DOG is an incredibly sweet story about a dog who just does NOT want to stay at home...

  • Linda Atkinson

    Let's hear it for tx dogs <3...

  • Suz

    Maria Gianferrari knows about the closeness of a girl and her dog (just ask her dog Becca), so many of her books feature a dog character. In Hello Goodbye Dog, Moose is a loving dog who just wants to ...

  • Tatiana

    Zara's dog, Moose, doesn't like to be away from his girl. When Zara goes to school, her loyal four-legged friend finds every opportunity to say "Hello" instead of "Goodbye." With a little training, th...

  • Sarah Blackburn

    Hello Goodbye Dog is a sweet story about Moose's love for her owner Zara. Moose loves to hear the word "hello," from Zara, but hates goodbye. Moose continues to make a break for Zara during her day at...

  • Lynn

    This feels like an update to "Mary Had a Little Lamb" which could provide an opportunity to compare and contrast the two.This creative work provides traits of an accumulative tale with an excellent re...

  • Becky

    Wonderful illustrator. The story itself was bothering me almost until the very end because I was getting mad about how terribly untrained she was and that Zara's parents were bad owners for their dog ...

  • Nancy Furstinger

    HELLO GOODBYE DOG just arrived and it's as terrific as all the buzz. Bosco and Rosy give it 4 paws up and woofed out that Moose and Zara should land on the bestseller list! Plus it's a creative way to...

  • Mary Librarian

    A diverse group of kids, including the main character being in a wheelchair, fill the classroom that the dog likes to visit when he escapes from home. A good introduction to the difference between a t...

  • Patty

    A story of a very devoted dog that cannot leave his owner. This leads them to take action so they can be together all of the time.An oversimplification of the entire process of therapy dogs but approp...