The Lying Game

The Lying Game


The text message is just three words: I need you.

Isa drops everything, takes her baby daughter and heads straight to Salten. She spent the most significant days of her life at boarding school on the marshes there, days which still cast their shadow over her now.

Something terrible has been found on the beach. Something which will force Isa to confront her past, together with the three best friends she hasn't seen for years, but has never forgotten. Theirs is no cosy reunion: Salten isn't a safe place for them, after what they did.

At school the girls used to play the Lying Game. They competed to convince people of the most outrageous stories. But for some, did the boundary between fact and fantasy become too blurred?

And how much can you really trust your friends?

Title:The Lying Game
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:384 pages

    The Lying Game Reviews

  • Meredith

    *Unpopular opinion alert*: This book didn't work for me.The Lying Game is a slow burning psychological thriller about four friends who are bound together by lies.“A lie can outlast any truth.” Wh...

  • Norma

    Traveling Sisters Review by NORMA and LINDSAY!!4.5 stars!Lindsay and I have both read all of Ruth Ware’s previous novels and agree that this was definitely our favourite one thus far!The book was di...

  • Paromjit

    This is an atmospheric and eerie psychological thriller from Ruth Ware. Take four teenage schoolfriends who set up a group that vies to create the most outlandish lies that they can get others to beli...

  • Julie

    The Lying Game by Ruth Ware is a 2017 Gallery Scout publication. This latest thriller, by Ruth Ware, is an all- consuming, riveting tale, full of mind games and edgy suspense. Isabel, Kate, Fatima, an...

  • Navidad Thelamour

    “…years on, people round here still use your names as a kind of salacious cautionary tale…”It’s rare that I stumble upon a read as gripping and as raw as this one was. And, it was not an out...

  • Lindsay

    4.5 stars! This was my favourite Ruth Ware novel yet!! This suspenseful and secretive story had me hooked from the first page! I loved the characters, storyline and atmosphere. I had the pleasure of r...

  • Esil

    3.5 stars. The Lying Game was a mixed bag for me, but on balance I quite liked it. It's told from Isa's perspective. Isa is now in her early thirties with a young baby. She and two others get a text f...

  • Nazanin

    3.75 Little-Liers StarsIsa, Kate, Fatima and Thea have met each other at a train station that its destination was Salten House (Somewhere like boarding school). They quickly became best friend. One da...

  • Bam

    At the Salten Reach in England, a dog unearths a human bone from the sand, a bone belonging to a body hidden there for nearly twenty years. In the aftermath, an urgent text goes out from one woman to ...

  • Laura

    I think of all the lies I have repeated and repeated over the years, until they became so engrained they felt like the truth: I left because I wanted a change. I don’t know what happened to him; he...