Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide


The epic conclusion to Chris Colfer's #1 New York Times bestselling series The Land of Stories!

In the highly anticipated conclusion to the Land of Stories series, Conner and Alex must brave the impossible. All of the Land of Stories fairy tale characters--heroes and villains--are no longer confined within their world!

With mayhem brewing in the Big Apple, Conner and Alex will have to win their biggest battle yet. Can the twins restore order between the human and fairy tale world?

Breathtaking action mixed with laugh out loud moments and lots of heart will make this a gripping conclusion for many fans!

Title:Worlds Collide
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:480 pages

    Worlds Collide Reviews

  • Tabby

    When I first started reading it I was like Then I read it and I was like OMG AMAZING!!!Then after 5 Minutes I realizedNo more Land of Stories booksThank you Chris for this amazing series!It's seriousl...

  • Riley

    So, my previous review said that I would love it without reading it. My hypothesis was true. With the last book in the series, many people begin to feel nostalgic about it being over. This was the sam...

  • Maria

    OMG WE HAVE GOT A TITLEEdit: THE COVER *insert heart eyes* ...

  • ???Qamar Al Oqaily ??

    This just came out but I wont be able to get it immediately DAMMIT !!!...

  • Vera

    Man what an ending. The tears haven't come yet but I know once I start reading another book I will realize that this series is over. The series I grew up reading is actually finished. No more adventur...

  • Shirin

    I didn't know we had a title omg!!Edit:...WE HAVE A COVER NOW?!...

  • Brigdet

    I don't even need to read this to know I'm going to love it. TLoS is my all-time favorite series and the series that got me into reading. I am really sad(and excited)that this series is coming to an e...

  • Cc

    ***SPOILERS! BIG ONES! SERIOUSLY! BEWARE!***So, The Land of Stories series.Before I get to my review of the final book in the chapter, a bit of context:My daughter, age 5, heard of this series thanks ...

  • Marco

    LEGGETE QUESTA SERIE!È stata una conclusione fantastica,i personaggi mi rimarranno per sempre nel cuore....

  • Jessica Taylor

    So many people are giving this book 5 stars without reading it... I decided to try to balance it out. ...