The Song of the Orphans

The Song of the Orphans


“A worthy and thrilling follow-up to The Flight of the Silvers; the wait for Book 3 will be tough to bear.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The end of the world was just the beginning for Hannah and Amanda Given. Saved from apocalypse by three mysterious beings, the sisters were marked with a silver bracelet and transported to an entirely different Earth—a place where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances.

There, the Givens were joined by four other survivors in silver: an acerbic cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, an aloof young Australian, and a troubled ex-prodigy. Hunted by enemies they never knew they had, and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted, the sisters and their new companions embarked on a cross-country journey to find the one man who can give them shelter.

Now, six months after their tumultuous arrival in New York City, the Silvers find themselves in more trouble than ever. Their new world is dying, and a clan of powerful timebenders believes that killing them is the only way to stop it. The U.S. government has sent its most ruthless spy agency to track and capture them. And a new pair of allies—with their own terrifying abilities—endangers the group from within.

But their biggest threat of all may be the people who first saved them: the godlike Pelletiers. They had a reason for bringing the Givens and their friends to this world. And when the Silvers learn the awful truth, nothing will ever be the same.

From the Hardcover edition.

Title:The Song of the Orphans
Edition Language:English
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Number of Pages:748 pages

    The Song of the Orphans Reviews

  • Sarah Brehm

    Update: March 7, 2017:Alrighty folks, I can finally tell you all my secret: I'VE ALREADY READ THE SONG OF THE ORPHANS! And, you will not be disappointed with the second installment of the Silvers tril...

  • Sebastian

    It was a mere coincidence when I stumbled upon „The Flight of the Silvers“ back in 2013. It must have been a rather random retweet on Twitter and the book only caught my attention because I found ...

  • Maraia

    Damn, that was good! 752 pages and I wasn't bored for a single one of them. Daniel Price has outdone himself with this book, solidifying Silvers as one of the best sci-fi series out there. I already l...

  • Kelley

    Damn. So many feelings. I don't know how I'm going to write an actual review for this book. And I'm really not looking forward to the wait for book three....

  • Michael Hicks

    It's been several years since Daniel Price's first novel in the Silvers series landed, but thankfully The Song of the Orphans remains pretty accessible, and the author catches readers up to speed in s...

  • USOM

    I loved this sequel. I think it was a factor my emotional attachment to the characters, loving the new ones, and, in general, the plot blowing my mind. I maintain my previous observation and say that ...

  • Fran Soto

    I won a copy of this book a Goodreads giveaway and to be honest I am not normally a fan of science fiction but somehow this book really caught my attention. It took me about half a day to finish the w...

  • Tori

    ****I received this ARC from Penguin's First to Read Program!****CHRIST THAT WAS GOOD! There's a LOT that I want to say about this book, so hopefully it comes out pretty coherent.I had heard from a go...

  • Cory Howell

    I discovered The Flight of the Silvers a few years ago, at my local public library, and absolutely loved it. Ever since then, I've been waiting for the sequel, The Song of the Orphans, which came out ...

  • Allen Adams

    http://www.themaineedge.com/buzz/out-...Science fiction lends itself particularly well to the creation of a book series. Building a world over the span of multiple books allows for the environmental t...