Sin with Me

Sin with Me


Lies are necessary, mistakes are fatal, and sins unforgivable.

He’s a priest.

I repeat those words daily, hoping they’ll erase the picture of a perfect man from my mind. I don’t want to look at him intimately, but I can’t stop. Could any woman? I’ve seen the way they ogle him, and I’ve heard the whispers in town; the ones about committing the unforgivable sin with the new addition to our parish.

Living in Pace was supposed to be easy, and it was – until I began seeing Father Cameron as more than a clergyman. Kind, quiet, and determined, he was the perfect distraction to my troubled past.

Now that my body wants him, the pull is even stronger. I keep praying for a resolution to my feelings, but it’s not helping. My mind is clouded, and I fear my past is catching up to me.

Wanting him is constant, needing him is intoxicating, and resisting him is impossible. After all, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

Except when it’s poisoned…

From the Author: Sin With Me is intended for mature audiences only. While Sin With Me can be read as a stand-alone novel, the author recommends reading the prequel, Run With Me.

Title:Sin with Me
Edition Language:English
Format Type:
Number of Pages:366 pages

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  • Jessica Alcazar

    Well that was #holyunholy of epic greatness!! Okay, so you think you know what this story is going to be about but YOU KNOW NOTHING . #TRUST And what I mean by this is that this is not just a holy t...

  • Tiffany Readz

    Whew, what a ride! Lacey Silks teases her readers for the first 75% of this book and then the floor drops and it's a free fall until the end. I almost bailed on the priest, however needed to see this ...

  • Kim

    This installment pulled everything from Run with me together and it was FANTASTIC !! Can Father Cameron and Kate be more in sink with each other and them both not even know it ?? When Kate has to leav...

  • Natalie

    I seriously loved this book!! Lacey has a way of making you fall into the book with no way of getting out. I started reading this book and LOVED it from the beginning til the end. The characters are w...

  • Liv

    HE WASN'T EVEN A PRIEST I WANT 3 HOURS OF MY LIFE BACKthis had all the problems the previous book had, plus it was longer (WHY). all those high ratings for a soapy story with wooden characters and no ...

  • Sheri

    Kate knew that she had fine Jack Pace but she didn't expect it to be this hard. Something drew her to her mother's hometown and Kate just knew if she looked hard enough she could fine her answers. But...

  • Nina ~ Meleth Bookaddicted ~

    What a messy whirlwind of a story. Taboo, forbidden, suspenseful, mysterious. Nothing – and nobody – is what it seems. This book went from ‘falling for a priest’ to ‘who the hell are you?’...

  • Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I never pass up reading a Lacey Silks book and forbidden romance is kind of my thang. So when I get to partake of a suspenseful romance where a Pries...

  • Dora

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.Wow—this book is an absolute gem! Hot, dirty, riveting and suspenseful! This book was impossible to put down and feasibly one of the best b...

  • Patricia

    A web of suspense and emotion envelopes the mind when reading a book by Lacey Silks.This book was no exception. The characters snatch a piece of your soul while your sitting on the edge of your seat j...