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Fast 8

Fast 8

Fast 8

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Fast 8 Details

Title Fast 8
Air Date Apr 12, 2017
Runtime 0 Minutes
Networks Universal Pictures, Original Film, One Race Films,
Genres Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Country American Samoa, United States of America, Japan, France, Canada,
Languages en,

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  • It ain't ran out of gas!

    April 16th, 2017

    Fate of the Furious, the eight installment of the mindless, crazed up action flick has proved itself that the franchise never ran out of gas. There's over the top action scene, there's some mindless story, and there's Vin Diesel talking about family over and over again. Those things are what makes us coming back for more, and this is no exception....

  • Bizarre , Loud & Insane Action Packed Furious Legacy Back with a Bang

    April 16th, 2017

    Furious Legacy Back with the Bang A.K.A #FateofTHeFurious. It was Big, Loud & Fun with the heart breaking action sequences.. The action sequences are big, loud, and insane. . Movie filled with lots of action, car chases, violence, explosions, shooting, guns, bombs, cars, army tanks, different types of vehicles, motorbikes, jets, airplanes, snow, s...

  • Overall One of the best Action Movies.

    April 24th, 2017

    Excellent making , good cast & crew selections . Though the escape scene of The Rock and Jason Statham should have been more better but i also liked it But mostly the End scenes were far way better like the previous movies of Fast and Furious Series. Watched each and every movie of Fast And Furious series and hopefully waiting for the 9th one. ...

  • Great, Wonderful, Amazing, Unexpected to be this Damn Super Good Movie!

    April 14th, 2017

    I'm already fell in love with this movie since I was kids (lol, kid is under 17 but now I am 22 years old and never stop to fell in love with this damn super good movie)!. When I went to the Imax for 3D watching, I feel that this movie was just too short movie because every scene was amazing and never made me bored. There were so many surprised sc...

  • The worst movie of the series

    June 25th, 2017

    This is my first review on IMDb and I'm only writing this because so many reviews are praising this movie! I knew it would be average but within the first 10 minutes I realised how horrible this movie was. From winning a race in reverse gear of a wrecked car to driving ahead of an army without a single bullet hitting them. I know this series has a...

  • Highly entertaining - minor spoilers

    April 17th, 2017

    This is my first review. I'm not much of a writer. My only reason for writing this is to give a more sane review versus these oblivious whiners that apparently don't like to be entertained and want to complain about over the top movies.. Having said that, yes... it's over the top. If you don't like action, fun, hilarity, freaking awesome cars, and...

  • thrilling action sequence with some funny moments

    April 12th, 2017

    Well, as usual after watching a Fast and Furious movie, I was always amazed by how crazy the action stunts in every installment. It was like they tried to make it bigger, better and crazier in each movie. This one is no exception. The action sequences were all there, from the street car racing (which is the movie's unique specialty), the fighting ...

  • Cringefest - Stupidity level 11

    June 18th, 2017

    This was painful. Action? Yes, but we're talking Physics that Sharknado would be ashamed of. Failure to understand or accept how reality works, even at a basic level. If you know the basics of cars, computers or physics, this will inflict pain to your brain.. No part of this movie made sense, it makes all 7 prequels seem like a real life documenta...

  • The most complete chapter of this franchise , Action , comedy , Drama , Thriller , enjoyable at every level

    April 16th, 2017

    If you are a fan of this Franchise so you'll definitely love this chapter the most it has all the elements to love it there is a lot of quotes that reflects to many scenes and parts of the old chapters which makes you feel the connection with all the chapters The movie has everything to enjoy it , you'll find a lot of comedy scenes and this time t...

  • the fate and the furious

    April 15th, 2017

    when is this movie i was thing is fast and the furious is going to have more acting and comedy and also is Dominic Toretto going to be a bad i yes but he was play both sides he was acting like he was a bad guy but he when full 00 AGENT like in the movie of James Bond 007 but the control the car wow is also / of Terminator 3 rise of the machines wh...

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